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We provide clean water and sanitation solution with Active H2O, our patented technology

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ActivH2O is a patented technology based on electrolysis that eliminates viruses and bacterias from water without adding chemicals.
It generates a natural oxidant that remains in the water for several weeks, protecting water from re–contamination.

Chemical free and sustainable water treatment

ActivH2O technology is a chemical free process that provides cost effective disinfection and sanitization solution, patented and developed in collaboration with the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of Montpellier.

Clean water and disinfection solution

ActivH2O eliminates virus (including Sars-Covid 2) and bacteria with chemical free electrolysis.
This sustainable process generates natural oxidants at different concentration levels, sanitizing potable water and acting as a disinfection solution.
The oxidants remaining in the water for several weeks protect water from re-contamination.


We can customise any water treatment solution for our customers.


We provide chemical free solutions for animal feed water and sanitisation requirements


We provide safe, effective and economical solutions for irrigation and sanitisation applications

Food & Beverage

Our technology eliminates the use of chemicals, improving the quality of food and product systems


Dr. Emmanuelle Bucaille

Co-Founder & CEO


Project Leader Engineer

Dr. Jerome Lombardi

Non-Executive Director

Emmanuel Bucaille

Non-Executive Director


We are based in Singapore, lead by passionate people with decades of experience in developing products and managing impact projects in Asia. Our solutions have been successfully implemented for customers across the world.
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